Bongani Simon Minda Delfin Rosa Oscar Josef Stiglitz
Director's Statement About Florian Opitz Filmography
Director Florian Opitz
Producers Felix Blum
Arne Ludwig
Cinematographer Andy Lehmann
Sound Recording &
Additional Camera
Christoph Mohr
Editor Niko Remus
Post Production
Niko Remus
Music Pluramon
Commissiong Editors Dr. Sabine Rollberg (Arte/WDR)
Dr. Renate Stegmüller (Bayerischer Rundfunk)
Research Assistant Julia Meyer
Field Producer
South America
Sebastian Roetters
Graphics & Titles Viola Schmieskors
Inga Zwick
Peter Pedaci
Controling Antje Paul
Assistants to producer Marie Baer
Lars Lucas
Christine Krause
Emma Salomon
Judith Winter
Shot on several locations in: South Africa, the Philippines, Bolivia, Great Britain and the USA